Justin Cobb Looks At The Advantages Of Engaging In Outside Work Activities

Uncategorized / July 14, 2017

It’s known to all of us that a healthy lifestyle and body has endless physical benefits towards our work, physical fitness regimes are proven to improve our concentration, memory and increase our attention when learning. Justin Cobb understands how advantageous activities and leisure make a positive impact on your career.

Activities out of the work place, and not just sports, but any kind of society group, social club, builds many skills like leadership, public speaking and presentation skills. There are many things outside of the working environment that can help build you and your skillsets ready for inside of the workplace, immensely increasing your employability factor. Justin Cobb recognizes that any businessman and woman who has consistent fun and happy human interaction outside of work will have much healthier attitude inside the office and any obstacles they come up against, because they’re positive mood will dictate the way they choose to take action.

As well, creative activities are proven to have an immense impact on performance in work, taking part in creative pursuits in your downtime seems to have a direct effect on factors in work such as innovation, idea generation, creative problem solving and working in a team on group projects, as well as offering suggestions and sharing skillsets. This

A 2014 study by San Francisco State University organizational psychologist Kevin Eschleman and colleagues examined whether creative activity might have an indirect impact on employees’ performance. By providing them with a way to recover from the demands of their job, by restoring them through relaxation, increasing their sense of control, or challenging them to lean to new skills that can be transferable to one’s job.

Justin Cobb recommends regular activities outside of your work schedule, he says “when we do something new and unfamiliar to our usual everyday, nine till five routine, we become excited about being in a fresh environment where we can blossom within. Then you become more enthusiastic and happy about your work/life balance.”


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