Justin Cobb Gives Keynote Speech At Industry Gala in New York City

Uncategorized / July 20, 2017


It’s the month for celebrations and appreciation, as this month leading entrepreneur and direct marketing guru, Justin Cobb, was honored to present this year’s keynote speech on stage at industry awards ceremony and gala. Justin congratulated those whom he has personally mentored throughout their careers over the last year. Justin Cobb took to the stage in New York at Pier 60’s ballroom, and personally congratulated his business partners on their outstanding achievements over the past year. Held in New York city, this year’s exclusive industry event was attended by budding entrepreneurs and industry experts from the USA, Australia, South Africa and the UK, who are making leaps in their field.

“This year’s event was a clear representation of just how far we have come in the last year, and everybody’s hard work and determination” says Justin, “we need bigger rooms to hold all of our guys and girls, this magnificent ball room was the scale of just how much we have grown, and we will continue to do so”. Justin Cobb has attended many of these events throughout his career and every year the guest list grows and the desire for a larger ball room becomes more of a demand. With the industry growing and expanding at such a fast pace every year, the direct marketing industry has become the favoured choice of marketing for clientele. Direct marketing experts whom have been mentored and trained by Justin Cobb, provide a service to their clients which goes above and beyond. Focusing on the quality of brand experience and building customer retention by using the effectiveness of their face-to-face communication skills, they are setting  the highest of standards across the industry.

Industry greats gathered together in the heart of New York city to give recognition and reward those on their victories within the industry this year. It was an honor for Justin Cobb to present awards to those who he has worked closely with and mentored throughout their career, “Motivating these individuals with a few words of encouragement, helps them to stay positive and realize that their goals are in reach of them, I help them to stay focused”.


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