Justin Cobb Discusses The Importance Of Recruiting The Right Kind Of People

Uncategorized / September 19, 2017

It’s quite surprising how many businesses fail to realize that contact between staff and job hunters irrespective of hierarchical position, can make or break your business in so many ways. Of course, your company’s administrator is often the face and voice of your brand, and that can create a positive or negative image with the slightest interaction. Here, Justin Cobb looks at the impact recruitment has on business growth.

When a business is in its infancy, the brand is based on the core values and beliefs of the founders themselves. The business is run how they want it to be run, and in alignment with the targets that they set themselves when it was launched. It’s vital, therefore, that any recruits reflect the brand identity. Justin Cobb suggests you ask yourself, are they excited? Inviting and happy to answer questions? Or do they seem like they’re just here to do the bare minimum and become irritated by too much responsibility? They should be open-minded and share a passion for your business or industry. Justin Cobb recommends finding the perfect people who not only provide the customer service you would, but you feel confident that they will stay with you long-term and enhance your brand with every customer interaction and the tasks they complete. This is why careful consideration should be paid to resumes, and to references, but it’s even more important to consider how a candidate performs in an interview.

Interviews are essential; you need to see if a candidate’s personality complements the qualities you are looking for in the role requirements and if they have the entrepreneurial, innovative attitude that can make a positive impact on your business. In today’s competitive market, managers must figure out how they can distinguish their business from their competitors. Often this starts with the front of house staff. Start-up businesses will benefit from recruiting people who are engaging, motivating, enthusiastic to learn and are teachable, this way they will be a physical representation of the training and mentoring provided by the company to all of its other personnel. Justin Cobb suggests if possible, it can help to see them in a less formal environment as well, such as a networking lunch, or brainstorming session. It’s worth taking the extra time and effort to find the ideal recruits for your business.


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