Justin Cobb Visits UK Business Partners To Set Goals

Uncategorized / August 29, 2017

It hasn’t been long since Justin Cobb returned from his last visit to the UK, earlier in the summer. And this week he came back to England on business when he flew overseas to spend time with business partners in the heart of London.

Travel plays an intricate part in self-made entrepreneur Justin Cobb’s career, as he consults with business partners in several major cities across the globe. In fact, London was where his career started out, and therefore the city holds a special place in Justin’s heart. Traveling to London is never a chore for Justin, he thoroughly enjoys spending quality time with long term and recent business partners, who he has personally mentored throughout their careers within the direct marketing industry. “I regularly speak with my partners in the UK via phone calls and video chats, but speaking with them and seeing their progress physically, always makes more of an impact. I can see how far they have come and what they have achieved since the last time I visited” explains Justin Cobb.

Many of Justin’s business partners from outside of London and surrounding cities throughout the UK travelled specifically to see their mentor Justin Cobb on his visit. They gathered to hear Justin speak and deliver a workshop on goal setting and how to drive it. Justin will cover the current standards and expectations the industry upholds, and the expectations going forward into the new year. “The industry develops at high speed, we have to keep up with the consistent adjustments and trends, as do any businesses who want to attract the modern customer. We cannot afford to get comfortable in a world where digital resources are taking over, and we have to keep moving forward and remain in line with our competition. This is why regular expectation meetings are vital, as we can compare previous figures, current statistics, future projections for our organization” explains Justin Cobb.


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