Creativity is a Mindset for Maximum Success

Health / October 25, 2019

In many corporate environments, you can find fairly strong lines drawn between different types of workers. Managerial, creative, technical and so on. For those in the C-suite or entrepreneurs, oftentimes they want to shy away from technical or creative work. However, this would be a mistake. Creativity isn’t a skillset or career path. It’s a mindset and a habit, and it is undeniably practical in its own right. 

For those wishing to gain maximum success, creativity is one of the most important parts of your mindset. Creativity means passion, generating new ideas, and visualizing growth where others see nothing. It means self-awareness and understanding of your world and environment. It means less stress and a more positive outlook on life.

Like any mindset, practice is the key to developing your creativity. Every day you might spend half an hour reading to increase your knowledge. Or an hour in the gym to benefit your physical health. Why not take a small amount of time every day to nurture your creativity, if that isn’t something you currently do?

Boosting Creativity

Here are some small things you can do to be more creative today:

  • Take risks. Risk-taking is inherently creative, as we are banking our future on outcomes that we have imagined. Be confident and dream big.
  • Turn off your phone. Even if it’s just ten minutes per day, take some time to turn off your phone and sit and think. You never know what you might come up with.
  • Do something new. Even something small. Do you eat at the same restaurant for lunch each day? Mix it up. Try a new place. A small change of scene can make a big change in mindset. 
  • Learn something you don’t need. We’ve all poured our time and energy into a new language or shelves of books about business. Pick up a podcast on ancient history or watch a YouTube video on social psychology. Learning something completely new leads to unique avenues for growth.
  • Write things down. Keeping a journal is not just for starving artists. Science has proved that the more people write things down, the more organized and less stressed they feel. 


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