How Time Can Be an Obstacle to Your Success

Business / March 5, 2021

When we think about success in entrepreneurship, we often consider ways to boost productivity. We think about streamlining our routine and finding ways to do more in less time. Of course, having a productive daily routine is important. But many studies show that strict adherence to a routine can kill your creativity and burn you out.

Time is one of your most precious commodities, and as such, it’s something you need to control. But trying to control it too much can actually be an obstacle to your success.

Disconnecting From Stress

Many successful people have set aside large sections of time to do exactly the opposite of the things that may seem productive. They realize that stress and pressure force the mind to focus on details, and lose sight of the bigger picture. So they take the time each day to do nothing. Or at least to disconnect from the stresses of daily work and meditate, go for a walk, or just sit quietly.

Learning mindfulness or meditation is one approach to tapping into the power of time in a positive way. It can be helpful to just put down your phone or laptop, and sit quietly. But it doesn’t have to be a spiritual or meditative practice.

Forget About Time

The internet is full of articles about the daily routines of the successful. If you read them you’ll be able to pick out the times they set aside to disconnect. Whether it’s taking a walk in nature, or sitting with a coffee watching the world go by. The important thing is to take time to forget about time. This means you’re not watching the clock or thinking about a deadline.

When you start to regularly engage in this practice, you’ll find yourself starting to pay attention to the big picture. This change in your thought patterns will make you more successful.


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