Justin Cobb Announce Ways to Stand Out from the Pack in Industry Settings

Uncategorized / May 4, 2016

A business or brand’s success lies in its ability to achieve and present on multiple fronts. The elements for productivity and ambition can be numerous and multi-faceted depending on the industry, the business and the individual, but making a good first impression and standing out from the rest – in a positive way – is essential in being noticed. This advice is very much at the heart of marketing, which revolves around the very same principle. Justin Cobb announced recently that it will be attending an awards ceremony in New York and shared advice on how to stand out from the pack when in industry settings, in order to make good first impressions and be noticed positively.

When attending an event like Justin Cobb will be during the second weekend in July, the need for making good first impressions is crucial. When top industry leaders are present, a business only has one shot to be noticed and to properly integrate its employees and message into the broader fabric of industry social life. Justin Cobb summarised common concerns many brands face by posing a series of questions. “How do you set your  members apart from the other organisations in attendance? What sort of first impression is best to make? What attire is appropriate for a given event?”.

As with any task or approach in marketing, image and preparation are massively crucial. With one shot to impress, marketing firms and their workers must come prepared to sell their brand and their personal images, regardless of the formality of the event. In addition to superficial presentation elements, each event presents an opportunity for worthwhile dialogue that shapes perception of both the business brand and the individual brand, as well as creates connections for future collaboration.

Justin Cobb reiterated the need for “brands to be consistent ambassadors of their mission, regardless of familiarity or venue”. Professionalism combined with genuine curiosity for the activities of others may seem like the status quo, but it is all too often unique in the world of socialising among industry professionals. By dressing the part, being engaged and representing the brand at the same time that the individual is being represented, businesses of all types – in the marketing industry and beyond – can take Justin Cobb’ lead and stand out from the rest in relevant formal and informal situations.


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