Justin Cobb reviews ‘Brand Relevance’ by David A. Aaker

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More and more people are starting their own business, and taking their first steps into the exciting world of entrepreneurism. It’s hardly surprising, as the move offers both freedom and the promise of rewards based upon hard work and dedication. More companies being formed, however, leads to more competition, and this in turn can lead to brand preference wars. Expert analysis of this phenomenon, and how to win the war, can be found in ‘Brand Relevance: Making Competitors Irrelevant’, written by David A. Aaker, and published by John Wiley & Sons. Here, Justin Cobb reviews the book, and looks at what entrepreneurs can learn from it.


“This book is becoming increasingly relevant, and important, year by year”, said entrepreneur and marketing expert Justin Cobb. “Because of this, it’s a business book that I often return to. It doesn’t just contain a wealth of wisdom and tips, it’s a great read too. It effortlessly shows entrepreneurs how to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.”


David A. Aakers is a renowned brand guru with a string of best selling books behind him, but in this book he targets one of the main truisms of business today: competition between brands, and how to come out on top. Whichever sector you’re in, there are some brands that are more powerful and better performers than others. By increasing your relevancy, you boost your own brand power, and create a threat for others.


It’s essential that everything your company does focuses on meeting the precise needs of your customers. By creating bespoke solutions, you’ll become the most relevant and obvious purchasing option. Innovation is central to this. Society is rapidly changing, and consumer needs are changing with them. If your business stays the same, it will quickly become irrelevant, and this can be fatal to your prospects. By taking efforts to find out how your consumers have changed, and then creating new solutions, you will see your brand increase in popularity.


“David A. Aakers is known as the father of branding, so when he speaks it makes sense to listen”, said Justin Cobb. “Every entrepreneur should take on board his assertion of the importance of innovation. Don’t follow the crowd, lead the crowd. Consumers will always choose the most relevant product for their needs, so make sure that it’s yours.”

Justin Cobb is an expert in brand building, and his marketing skills have seen him become a direct marketing specialist that businesses turn to.


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