Justin Cobb Discusses The Importance Of Resetting Goals

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“Make a goal again” – – Was the theme of Justin Cobbs most recent speech at the New York City Gala just last weekend. Joined by friends and professionals in the direct marketing industry, Justin spoke about the importance of resetting goals once you’ve accomplished the previous ones. Justin stood before his business partners in NYC and emphasized his point “Make a goal again. Keep on setting new goals, higher goals, better goals. Make a goal again.”

Justin Cobb believes that one of the biggest stagnations to success, is not resetting yourself a goal. It’s common to become comfortable once you get to where you wanted to be, and people avoid setting a higher bar and standards for their goals once they have achieved something. During his career, Justin Cobb has seen many people in business who are not making fresh goals once they have achieved the original one, this slows them down, they become comfortable and bask in their achievements for too long. An olympic athlete runs to beat his best time, to beat his opponents best time and to break records, he or she does not just stop after one race. The same is transferable in business and success, you have to keep on chasing those goals, breaking them, setting them again, breaking them, and making a goal again.

As well as this, Justin Cobb stresses how having goals makes you accountable. Rather than just talk, you are now obligated to act. This accountability is for yourself, not anyone else. No one knows the goals you set. However like Justin Cobb and his business partners, when you are the owner of a business, the example and responsible for the success of your own and your team’s careers, then you have to make sure your goals are always having a positive effect on them and their future success. A leader cannot promote himself and not expect to also promote his business partners and his team.

Justin Cobb finishes by saying “The bigger the goal is, the bigger the mass of energy that you put into your performance to achieve it. Goals are mini milestones that get bigger as we get stronger. We break them one after the other. And then we make a goal again.”


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