Justin Cobb Look At Building An Effective Online Presence

Uncategorized / August 10, 2017


Let’s face it, back in the day businesses didn’t need a swanky website to boast about their work and attract customers, they’re craftsmanship spoke for itself. However, today the business world is rife with competition, and today’s generation of consumers are all about doing things digitally. So a website with one page and a few lines of text next to the address and company logo does not offer the buying experience that your modern day consumers are after. Marketing expert Justin Cobb is a an experienced expert at promoting his clients brands and creating the ideal customer experience, Justin explains the importance of having a highly interactive website.

Justin Cobb understands that modern consumers want to do everything at the touch of a button, and most likely if they can’t email you via your website or order via your website, then they’re interest ends there, and they’ll find your competitor whose website is highly interactive, fun and offers convenience. “It’s such a satisfactory feeling when you can spend some time navigating your way around a company’s website and finding all of the information you are after. You are able to form your own opinion about the brand or company, based on the impression and personality projected through mechanics and design of their website” explains Justin Cobb.

Websites today should be engaging, fun and flamboyant, because just by giving your website a touch of personality you are showcasing your company culture, and in turn, the more accessible and easier to navigate your website is, the consumer is assured that doing business with you will be both hassle free & convenient. Justin Cobb invests a sufficient budget towards his online presence and branding, to maintain a company website that is a both personable but professional. The website provides more than enough information about himself, and his career, with a handful of tabs to navigate your way around and even includes additional social plug-ins. The website has considered the consumer’s convenience, giving them access to all areas at the touch of a button.

Take tips from Justin Cobb to make your website more interactive and help keep your users engaged.


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