Justin Cobb on the Elements of a Positive Company Culture

Business / May 4, 2019

We have all heard of the concept of ‘company culture’. It seems to be on the rise as one of the top buzzwords in recruiting for any industry. Every job advertisement you see will boast of great company culture, and that they are looking for people to ‘join their family’. There are countless articles to be found online about how to create a good company culture, or about companies that claim to have one. But how do you know if your company has one or not? We asked Justin Cobb for some signs of a healthy and positive company culture that you can look out for.

Check That Retention

Employee retention is one of the number one signs of positive company culture. Despite what you may think, the top reason for employees staying in their jobs is not money, or job stability, or even a challenging career path. The top reason is that the employees feel happy, and generate loyalty towards the company. This happens when they feel valued, and have opportunities for growth.

Have Clear Values

Not every company with a positive company culture has the same set of values or goals. But what they all have in common is that their set of values is clear and understandable to their employees. People identify with all sorts of missions and value sets, but they cannot thrive without something to identify with. Figure out what your mission is, and then shout it from the rooftops, so every employee is on that mission with you.

Lead Front and Center

A company with a leader that sits in their office with the door closed all day, will not feel like a home for anyone employed there. As the leader of a company, your role is as a mentor for everyone you are responsible for. You need to be out there on the front lines on a daily basis, engaging with employees. You will reap the benefits. Such as increased loyalty, productivity, and general employee happiness.

Justin Cobb is the manager of an international network of companies and a successful entrepreneur. He regularly delivers speeches worldwide on the topics of entrepreneurship and having a success mindset.


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