Justin Cobb hosts direct marketing industry conference in Barcelona

Uncategorized / April 10, 2014

When it comes to well-known entrepreneurs, there is no doubt thatJustin Cobb is leading the field. As an American investor, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and business owner he has a formidable reputation and is famous in the industry for getting results. He knows what he wants and he knows how to go about getting it, and he is always pushing himself to achieve new goals and break down more barriers. His ambitious approach to business started at a very young age when he started in the sales industry where he learnt many valuable skills and techniques along the way. He is now embarking on yet another venture and hosting an industry conference in Barcelona. Mr Cobb will be joined by some of the most impressive business leaders in the direct marketing industry, and together they will share information, discuss new and current trends and form growth strategies. This critical information will put attendees at a considerable advantage when they return home to their respective businesses.

Justin Cobb is very much looking forward to this event, saying, ‘I have put a lot of work into ensuring that this conference goes well. I have set standards high from the very beginning, ensuring that all the key figures are in attendance. I want every delegate to be able to learn, discuss and network so that they can hopefully bring their new-found skills and knowledge back to their businesses and push them up to the next level. I am very excited about the impact that this conference is going to have and I am also looking forward to meeting up with old acquaintances and building new relationships.’

The conference runs from Thursday and it will feature a series of lectures, discussion groups and fact-finding workshops. It will finish on the Saturday with a luxurious cocktail party to wrap things up and allow attendees to network in a relaxed and informal setting. The list of delegates is an impressive one and Justin Cobb expects business managers from many different direct marketing companies to be in attendance.

Direct marketing has long been the favoured method for attracting new customers and building up client bases. Using bespoke, personalised techniques it puts clients face to face with potential customers and the results are impressive. Justin Cobb is looking forward to sharing his expertise with others at he conference and enjoying the fruits of his labour.


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