Justin Cobb Reflects on the Unprecedented Success of the Conference he Hosted

Uncategorized / April 17, 2014

Entrepreneur and public speaker Justin Cobb is back in England fresh from attending the successful industry conference in Barcelona over the weekend. A project which he pulled together with three other business partners, their aim was to bring together direct marketing specialists from all over the world to discuss, learn and network. However, even they did not prepare for the level of success that the conference brought. Delegates from all over the world attended, eager to hear what the professional speakers had to say. Feedback to date suggests that the conference was a huge hit with many people saying that it was the best that they had ever been to.

As one of the speakers himself, Mr Cobb spoke on a variety of topics including how to lead by example, how to effectively talent scout and how to conduct interviews, and the reception was very enthusiastic indeed. Mr Cobb says, ‘It gave me the greatest pleasure to be able to speak on subjects which I am passionate about, and I was very enthused by the amount of discussion that it sparked. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and am delighted at the outcome. I met a huge number of new contacts and really enjoyed the networking opportunities that were created. We’re now looking forward to planning the next one, which will be even bigger and better! We all enjoyed the process of pulling the conference together and it exceeded even our expectations in terms of success. It heartens us that there are this many passionate, skilled professionals within the industry and we are all very much looking forward to charting developments over the next few months.’

Of course, planning an event on this scale was not easy, however Mr Cobb and his business partners worked strategically and methodically in order to ensure that it was a success. They knew that organisation was key to the success of the event and they left no stone unturned in the planning stages in order to be sure that everything would run smoothly. They carefully selected well-regarded speakers who they knew would inspire and inform, and they also made sure that there was room in the itinerary for formal and informal networking.

The direct marketing industry is a competitive one, but it has never been more popular. These tried and tested techniques are in high demand as the results speak for themselves. Still gathering feedback from the event, Mr Cobb and his partners are already thinking ahead to the next event and they are looking forward to generating more opportunities for growth.



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