Justin Cobb Knows Good Habits Are Priceless

Uncategorized / July 5, 2018

Like good manners, good habits cost nothing. Self-discipline is key to adopting good habits that are guaranteed to make you a more successful person, it won’t cost you a dime, but it will take time and commitment in order to reap the benefits in the long run. Self-made entrepreneur Justin Cobb covers four great habits you should teach yourself, what have you got to lose?

1. Never Arrive Late
Your ability to stick to appointments and being on schedule says a lot about your character and how you do business, and most of all your dedication. Of course, sometimes life throws obstacles in our way, however, the truth is, if you really, really want something you will over prepare and allow yourself plenty of time for interferences and unexpected disruptions.

2. Work Ethic
An honorable work ethic relies on the quality of mental and physical effort you put into an activity and your work, and this determines the standard and the result of the final outcome. Create a consistent work ethic, get into a routine and make working hard a habit. You will achieve what you set out to do, and people will respect you and trust your reliability.

It’s known that proper preparation prevents poor performance, by being disciplined you will find preparation flows smoothly. The person who prepares wins, your delivery and execution will be better, stronger and you will be more confident in your delivery.

4. Be Proactive
Procrastinating on a task will only result in you finally getting round to doing it hours or days later, so why not just do it right then at the moment. Confront the fears that are preventing you from doing something instantly, the objections, doubts or excuses you have, remove them and get into a habit of doing things as soon as you think of them. You will find that you achieve more during the day and feel much more on top of your todo list.


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