Justin Cobb Takes UK Business Partners Out On Company Yacht

Uncategorized / August 20, 2017


International sales consultant Justin Cobb invites UK business partners to hang out with him in New York City. Keeping things fun, Justin was excited to share his favourite view of the city from the hudson river, with his English associates.

When beginning his career in the UK, Justin Cobb spent many years calling the county home, moving around the major cities like Manchester, Sheffield and London, Justin formed, not just partnerships, but life long friendships with his colleagues. Flying over from Sheffield and London, Justin treated his associates to a memorable evening on board the company yacht. A humbling moment for Justin, as reflects on the time he spent in the UK training, developing and promoting these entrepreneurs, and now sits with on their yacht behind the New York City skyline. “Due to our busy lifestyles, this kind of down time only comes around every once in awhile, so it was a privilege to be able to give this experience to my hard working and good friends in business. It was a pleasure to share this great opportunity with them.” explains Justin Cobb.

Incentives like this are very important to Justin as he feels it is extremely important to show his appreciation and that he recognizes the hard work and dedication which his associates have contributed to his organization. “Incentives always increase morale and encourage appreciation, but this experience was on another level. The location, the setting and the company was incredibly uplifting, it was fun, motivating and rewarding. This was the perfect setting to have some one on one time with fellow business partners.” explains Justin Cobb.

Over the weekend, Justin Cobb and his UK business partners continued in high spirits as they enjoyed rooftop views, drinks, networking at exclusive industry events and discussing business plans and goals for the final quarter of the year over dinner.


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