Justin Cobb on the Jesse Tee Show Podcast

Business / September 6, 2019

Justin Cobb was excited this week to be invited to chat on The Jesse Tee Show podcast, hosted by Jesse Todisco. Sitting down to talk about business and success is always a treat. Even more so when that conversation can be shared. The episode is full of great information and inspiration for young entrepreneurs getting started in the business. But the episode is also exciting on a personal level since Justin and Jesse started in the same business. This means they had a lot to talk about. Expect plenty of anecdotes about starting a business in a difficult market.

Jesse Todisco is a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of 46 & 2 Wealth Partners, an investment advisory firm, as well as Todisco Financial. His illuminating hour-long chat with Justin Cobb runs the gamut of topics. Jesse and Justin talk about managing your attitude, balancing work and family life, and the mindset needed for success. But the conversation is relaxed and flows easily. It is full of value for any entrepreneur at any stage of their journey. Watch the video below.


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