Justin Cobb Reviews the Importance of Going the Extra Mile

Uncategorized / September 25, 2014

Business is increasingly fast paced and global. With digital communications getting faster than ever, people aren’t prepared to wait as long as they once were. That’s why smart entrepreneurs always have to be ready to react positively, and see each challenge as a new opportunity. They have to be prepared to go the extra mile, both figuratively and physically. Here, Justin Cobb reviews his move to Milan, and the importance of being where you’re needed, when you’re needed.

“Milan is a beautiful and dynamic city, it’s the true business heart of Italy and increasingly important to Europe as a whole, said entrepreneur and public speaker Justin Cobb. “Moving there has involved a big change to my lifestyle, but it was the right thing to do for my business. When a great opportunity comes along, you have to grab it, that’s why in the end it was an easy decision to take.”

Justin has business concerns across Europe, and acts as a marketing mentor to companies in the United Kingdom, Italy and beyond. In recent months, however, client demand has meant that he’s been spending more and more time in Milan. By carefully assessing his growth forecasts, he realised that his business and clients would be better served if he moved to Italy on a full time basis. Thanks to modern communication technology, he’ll still be reachable by his UK clients, but he’ll now be able to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Being an entrepreneur can be hugely rewarding, but it can place great demands on your time. It can never be a 9 to 5 job, five days a week. If an entrepreneur wants to become a real success he has to be prepared to do all it takes to achieve that. This can mean working longer and irregular hours, learning new skills, travelling and spending long periods away from home and even, as in this case, relocating to a new part of the world.

“I see this move as being full of positives, and I’m tremendously excited about what it’s going to bring”, said Justin Cobb. “I’ve already got lots of friends, colleagues and clients in and around Milan, and I know that my business will continue to grow and go from strength to strength. This will bring huge benefits for all my clients in Italy and in the United Kingdom.”

Justin Cobb has been a real success story, and this new chapter will be even more productive. If your business needs mentoring or marketing expertise, Justin can provide it.


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