Key to Success: Make a List of the Best Tools for Your Industry

Uncategorized / March 9, 2023

As a marketing expert with many years in the field, Justin Cobb has launched countless recruiting campaigns for businesses large and small. He explains that “Hiring is a process not unlike marketing for new customers or clients. You have something to offer interested applicants and like any business transaction, you must know that they have the resources required of them.” In this case, Justin isn’t referring to financial resources. The resources he is referring to are tools of the trade that indicate an applicant is ready to join the team.

He goes on to explain that “The same thing holds true of entrepreneurs preparing to launch a new business. It is vital that they have everything they need to make a success of their endeavor. In today’s hi-tech world, many of those resources would be rooted in technology. For example, they would need data analysis, marketing, a good CRM, and project management software on a local drive or in the Cloud.”

Justin sees Customer Relationship Management as one of the vital tools every business owner and/or manager should have in their repertoire because customers are the lifeblood of any business, no matter what industry or size. He also understands that business relationships are vital to the success of any business and any professional. Therefore, “Company culture is a vital tool for success. Whether we are looking at an entrepreneur preparing to launch a new business or a job candidate preparing to join the team, company culture defines who and what you are. It is one of the most essential tools to have.”

In his words, “It’s difficult to list the tangible tools every professional or entrepreneur would need because every industry is different. Yes, there is some overlap but the one area in which those ‘tools’ are fairly standardized would be technology.” Likewise, he sees marketing as one of the most essential tools on that list.

As defined, a tool is something “used to carry out a particular function.” He asks, “Isn’t that what marketing is? It’s a tool used to capture and keep new customers or talent within that business. It’s one of the tools I, personally, see near the top of every list of tools for any industry.” Whether a business or a job applicant, you need to sell yourself and that’s what marketing is all about. In Justin Cobb’s eyes, marketing is one of the key tools for success in any industry imaginable.

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