Learning to Adapt to Change

Leadership / September 3, 2021

The most successful people in business are usually those who are most adapted to change. Those who shy away from change or fear it can have trouble making progress. It’s natural to fear change. As humans, we naturally seek comfort and stability. Change threatens that. But learning to accept, integrate, and even anticipate change, can dramatically improve your life. Especially in business. At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, we wanted to share our favorite ways to shift your mindset to one that embraces change.

Examine the Consequences of Comfort

We spend so much of our time fearing change, that we never consider the consequences of staying the same. What would your life look like in ten years, if you kept doing exactly the same thing each day that you do now? Is it better? The same? Worse? Most of the time, behaviors that keep us comfortable are actually slowly making our lives worse. Whatever you fear will happen if you change, may not be as bad as what will happen if you spend ten years avoiding it.

Buy Your Ticket

Change is something that will happen with or without you. The world will continue to grow and change and improve whether you choose to get on the train or not. The feeling of being ‘left behind’ is not good. So if you consider that change is inevitable, why not buy your ticket for the train? It’s better to be on it than watching it leave while you sit in the station.

Be More Vulnerable

Being more open and vulnerable with others will often lead to you getting hurt. But that experience will make you tougher, and thus more hardened to the effects of change. Step outside your bubble as often as you can. You may take a few hits when you are no longer protected, but you’ll also learn how strong you are.


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