Student Mentality for Success

Leadership / June 28, 2019

Justin Cobb is an international businessman and entrepreneur with a global network of companies and assets. But much like many other modern entrepreneurs, Justin started from the bottom. One of the things to which he attributes a large percentage of his success is having a strong student mentality. We sat down with him to chat about how this has affected his career growth.

What is a Student Mentality?

From the name, you might be tempted to think that a student mentality is something to do with studying or college. In reality, it’s simply an attitude. An attitude in which you see yourself as constantly learning and growing as a person.

When many people leave college and enter their first job, they feel like they’ve made it. They no longer have anything to learn. Especially if they are in a leadership position they can feel that now it’s their time to be in control and to teach others. That they have all the knowledge and it’s theirs to share.

Those with a student mentality realize that they will always be learning, for their entire lives. No matter how successful they get, they retain humility and focus on listening and learning. In that way, they are able to maintain a constant state of growth as others stagnate.

How Do I Get It?

Justin Cobb suggested some easy ways that you can maintain a student mentality every day. Remaining humble, and accepting that you will never be as good as you can be. Always reading and keeping track of industry trends and the actions of your competitors. Listening first, and speaking second. Questioning everything and keeping an open mind.

Even the small act of sitting down with a member of your company each day and getting some feedback or suggestion on how the company can improve can have dramatic results. What will you do today to learn or grow as a leader?


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