3 Ways to Retain Valuable Team Members

Leadership / April 24, 2020

Finding the right team to work with in your business can be tough. It could take months of recruitment and interviewing to find that really good fit. So it’s unfortunate that many people end the process there, and leave those people to fend for themselves. As entrepreneurs, we should be providing all the support we can to our best people, to make sure they stick around. 

Trust Them

Having an employee rulebook the size of a dictionary won’t inspire anyone to feel part of your company. The reality is that slackers will always find a way to slack. Those who have dedication and motivation will work no matter what. Let go of the reins a bit, and drop all those rules. Then examine the results to see who is stepping up. Really valuable people are defined by their results, not by how much they appear to be following the rulebook.

Talk to Them

A lot of people will talk about having an ‘open-door policy’. While this is a great start, it still puts the onus on your team members to come to you for help and guidance. Which means they might not, even if they need it. Instead, consider taking a proactive role in communicating with your employees. Take a walk around the office and drop in to see what they need, and listen. Or even just schedule a weekly video call. 

Challenge Them

One of the most common reasons people state for changing careers, is that they didn’t feel challenged. Even if everything seems to be going well with an employee, if they’ve been doing the same job for years, and are very good at it, they might be stuck in a rut. Find out if they’re happy, and if they aren’t, find a way to create new challenges for your team in the work environment.

Justin Cobb is an international entrepreneur, based in the US, with a network of companies spanning the globe.


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