How to Develop Great Leaders

Leadership / July 16, 2021

As entrepreneurs, we talk a lot about developing our own potential. We want to be great speakers, leaders, managers, and even great people. But one thing we should talk about more is how to pay that forward and help others. When thinking about being a leader, also think about how you can make great leaders from your people. Are you nurturing and developing everyone around you to become great? At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy we have some tips to do that.

Recognize Potential Leaders

Not everyone will become a great leader in the end. Some people don’t have the ambition. Some have other goals. Many are even hostile to the idea. You need to be on the look out for the right people to invest in. People who want to succeed, and are willing to work hard to achieve it. People who value the same things you do.

Create a Feedback Loop

Communication should work both ways with the people you are mentoring. You need to have an open line of communication. So employees should be able to meet with you to discuss their goals and performance. You should be proactive in this, to draw out those who need a little push. Most people need to learn how to communicate well. That includes those in management positions. So learn how, and then teach it.

Be the Example

You need to be the example for what you would like to pass on to your employees. If you are preaching one thing and doing another, people will follow what you do. Especially if you are successful. They will emulate your actions, not your words. If you have success in business and you act in negative ways, people will think that’s how you gain success. So be a great leader yourself, and see how your example propels those who emulate you.


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