Selfless Leadership Skills for Success

Leadership / July 23, 2021

When many people think of leadership they think of themselves in a position of power. A person who many respect and admire. They imagine themselves listened to, valued, catered to. But the most successful leaders are generally not focusing on themselves at all. These are selfless leaders who focus on the wellbeing and growth of the people around them. They realize that they can propel their business through raising up those they meet on a daily basis.

What are some of the core traits of leaders with a selfless mindset? At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy we took a look at five of the main traits you can seek to emulate. In this way you can become a better leader today.

1. Put Other People First

The selfless leader often considers the needs of their employees and clients first. They know that the more they serve and help those around them, the more they will grow as a result.

2. Community-focused

Selfless leaders want to see a community grow around their efforts. They want to make sure that community is healthy and happy. This means focusing on the long-term growth of the people in that community.

3. Humble

Selfless leaders don’t want to be the focus of attention, or the greatest at everything. They work with people who are often better or smarter than them. They realize that those people can help them achieve their goals.

4. Human

A selfless leader realizes that they are first a human and second a business person. They strive in all things to have a human connection with the people around them.

5. Curious

Selfless leaders know that they don’t know everything. In fact they don’t even have this as a goal. They rely on the people around them to teach them and guide them on things they don’t understand.


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