Justin Cobb attends prestigious awards ceremony and direct marketing conference held in Johannesburg

Justin Cobb Academy / Justin Cobb Events / Justin Cobb News / December 4, 2013

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Entrepreneur, Justin Cobb recently attended an invite-only direct marketing conference and awards ceremony. Justin Cobb who is American-born and has offices all over the world is used to travelling on weekly basis, and this trip to South Africa was not his first.

Staying at the Michelangelo Hotel in the Nelson Mandela Square, a Renaissance-style hotel that is recognised for its easy access to the neighbourhood’s shopping, dining and entertainment, many located in the adjacent square. It wasn’t all business though, as Justin was able to enjoy the best Johannesburg has to offer. Himself and a few business associates escaped to the stylish Cascades Hotel in Sun City and then to the elegant Madikwe Safari Lodge in Madikwe Game Reserve for a day of exciting entertainment coupled with superb game viewing.

Back to business however, Justin Cobb was asked to deliver a speech at the direct marketing conference and awards ceremony to a large group of entrepreneurs. As a dedicated entrepreneur and businessman, Justin Cobb has many years of experience in the sales and marketing industry and has dedicated his business life to developing the  education of entrepreneurs. Justin Cobb had the opportunity to share his experiences and knowledge of the industry at many direct marketing conferences across the world including, Philadelphia USA, London UK and Spain which was the platform for entrepreneurs across Europe. And now Justin has had to opportunity to speak in Johannesburg South Africa. Justin Cobb has shown his commitment to the development of entrepreneurs in the direct marketing industry by investing in a training website where speeches, training videos and documents can be accessed.

At the conference and awards ceremony, Justin Cobb offered advice and encouragement to  entrepreneurs from around the world about launching a business which included business development, time management and the key steps needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

Justin Cobb commented, “Not only was the event an opportunity for me to speak to entrepreneurs but it also offered me with the opportunity to network with business partners. Business networking is the process of establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with other business people and potential clients and/or customers and is important for business development regardless of the industry.”

Justin Cobb is due to speak again at conferences in Barcelona, Spain in December 2013 and then again to a group of almost 2,000 entrepreneurs at The Royal Festival Hall in London, UK in January 2014. He hopes to reconnect with entrepreneurs he met in South Africa again at next year’s conference.

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