Entrepreneur Conference at London Royal Festival Hall Named Justin Cobb Special Guest Speaker 2014

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Justin CobbThe Entrepreneur Conference will be held in a few days time at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall on the 11th January 2014.

The conference is designed to bring together like minded business owners from across the UK, and some parts of Europe. The event is expecting over 200 candidates collectively from Poland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and South Africa and with the remaining 1500 guests to hail from all over the United Kingdom. The conference is also going to give recognition to entrepreneurs for their achievements within the direct marketing industry. Justin Cobb has been given the honour of presenting some of those awards after giving a 30 minutes speech to the attendees.
Business Owner and Investor Justin Cobb is in good company as there are 8 other guest speakers are successful entrepreneurs coming from all over the world, namely South Africa, America, Australia and Canada. Each speaker has been asked to share their views on various topics from the latest growth trends in the direct marketing industry, to emerging international growth, the importance of customer and client satisfaction and increasing productivity.
This conference is renowned for keeping a lid on special guest speakers and entertainment. However organisers can promise that this years event will surpass all expectations. ‘This is the 4th time I have been asked to speak at this event and I am exited to share what I have learnt this past year to other budding entrepreneurs. I have been impressed with the growth of the direct marketing industry despite other industries still being a recovery phase since the recession a few years back. This past December in Barcelona I held a similar event for the larger European Group. These types of events and conferences are essential for the growth of the direct marketing industry. The information that is shared is valuable and the conference is an amazing platform to met other entrepreneurs to increase their network base.’ states Justin Cobb
The Entrepreneur Conference 2014 is designed to motivate, educate and provide a hub of networking opportunities for all entrepreneurs within the direct marketing industry. This event is the largest of its kind which is why the event organisers pull out all the punches. Successful Business Owner and Investor Justin Cobb states, ‘Each year the event gets bigger and better. I am keen to see who wins awards and what impact the conference will have on attendees success in 2014.’

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