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Justin Cobb zurich

Justin Cobb currently has marketing firms’ across the world. From all over the USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Brazil. During the last week of November, Justin spent 4 days in Switzerland making arrangements for a potential launch in the city of Zürichwhich is the largest city in the country.

Whilst visiting the city, Justin Cobb managed to squeeze in some sightseeing around the city and felt at home immediately. On his return, he said, “I visited the city a few months ago for a weekend holiday getaway and immediately loved Zürich. So I decided to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and visit for work and some sight seeing. I think the city is a perfect business expansion opportunity and the city has a lot to offer for the direct sales and marketing industry. We can provide our clients with a great service in Switzerland as well as enjoy what the beautiful city has to offer.

Opening up new markets is challenging as there are a number of variables that need to be taken into consideration. Justin Cobb gives advice on what to consider when expanding your brand reach into different countries.

1) Know your market: Understanding the local culture is imperative to your brand’s success. Most brands have different advertising and marketing strategies for different countries. Market research and gathering data about the country you are expanding into is crucial to the decision making process.

2) Run a test campaign: For smaller brands that don’t have a massive budget and that can not afford mistakes when launching, it is a good idea to conduct a test.

3) Prepare, prepare, prepare: Making sure that your strategies are flexible is key as you never know when something might change and you have to adapt.

Justin Cobb continues, “There is no set blue print to follow when launching your brand in a new market. There will always be different variables to take into consideration. My advice is always to do as much research as possible and to be prepared for the unexpected.”

There are a few ways to expand your business other than expanding into new markets. Many brands consider diversification, developing partnerships and joint ventures. Entrepreneurs must realise that growth has its risks, however the right strategy can deliver stability, long-term profits and security. Internal assessment may also be required and once it is determined that a business is equipped to handle growth then the necessary preparations can be made.

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