Justin Cobb Shares His Thoughts About Young Business Minded People

Justin Cobb Academy / Justin Cobb Events / Justin Cobb News / Leadership / September 5, 2013

Justin Cobb Leadership Academy

Justin Cobb Leadership Academy

An increasing number of students leaving university have considered opening up their own business, freelancing or becoming self-employed. Successful business owner Justin Cobb champions this thought process and urges young business minded people leaving university to investigate the full potential of their business ideas.

The British economy depends on entrepreneurs to foster their ideas and grow their businesses. Justin Cobb is a successful business owner and investor and like him many other successful entrepreneurs have had their ups and downs in business. Like many entrepreneurs before Justin Cobb, they will all agree that ‘stepping outside the traditional box’ of employment can be nerve raking, but it definitely has its benefits.

Justin Cobb agrees that Britons future is held in the hands of the youth, and their development into self employment and becoming a successful entrepreneur needs to be supported. “Each year I speak at multiple conferences around Europe including Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland. The topics I cover range from creating a successful business start up, what kind of attitude an entrepreneur should have to be successful and creating an environment for success. I have seen an increase in the number of people attending the conference each year which indicates that becoming self employed and business start-ups are becoming an increasingly popular career path.”

So what is stopping Generation Y (Wi-Fi) from reaching their potential as business owners? This question has been part of many discussion Justin Cobb has had with fellow business partners and entrepreneurs alike and they all agree its down to lack of know-how and support. Justin Cobb said, “a good place to start is to develop your business ideas and create a strategy. By fine tuning your business ideas, you will get a clear idea of what you need to get started. Educate yourself as much as possible, the internet has an abundance of resources that can pave the way. Lastly, asking for financial assistance. This can be the hardest part, but if you believe in your idea and can see it coming into full fruition, then you will be able to get others on board.” offers financial advice and support for young business owners. However what most people do is start as a freelancer or become self-employed. This way there are fewer overheads and start-up costs. Justin Cobb also added, “as the market place and the world population expands so does the opportunity to target new audiences.”


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