Justin Cobb Explains why Relocating to Poland will be Good Business Move

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Justin Cobb | Poland will be Good Business MoveThere are many reason to move to Poland if you are thinking about the quality of life you want for you and your family. For example Poland is one of the best places to live in Europe thanks to a low retirement age, long holidays and cheap living costs, according to the latest Quality of Life Index compiled by uSwitch. Justin Cobb agrees saying, “I can see why Poland came in at number 4 as one of the best places to live in Europe. I have visited Poland 16 times just this year for business and it is a beautiful place.”

Poland came fourth in a list of 10 European nations, ahead of countries such as Germany and Britain. The list – which examined 16 factors such as individuals’ net income, VAT, holiday entitlement, working hours, life expectancy, as well the cost of petrol, diesel and electricity – was topped by France, Spain and Denmark. Poland and France were the top two when it came to retirement age. The average Pole retires at 59.3 years – nearly four years early than in Britain. Poland can also boast the cheapest petrol and diesel prices (at £0.98 and £0.90 per liter) and shares the lowest electricity prices with France (£0.08 per kWh) according to the Warsaw Business Journal (

A report from shows that Poland has made reforms in areas such as financial markets, company and competition law, accounting, and intellectual property rights have improved the environment for private business and boosted economic growth. Poland is now the sixth-largest economy in the EU. “With developments happening in neighbouring industries, this can only have a positive ripple effect on the direct marketing industry.” Justin Cobb goes further to say, “I have discovered in recent months that Poland is a hub of activity in the direct marketing field. Since I specialise in this industry, moving to Poland was an obvious choice to maximise my organisations development and growth.”

Starting a new venture in a foreign country can be daunting for many, however this is not Mr Cobbs first international expansion. Mr Cobb moved to Spain 4 years ago to expand his business and since then his business partnerships have extended to Portugal, Italy and Poland. His advice for business owners expanding from the UK across the waters into Europe – “Understand your market and and have a clear strategy planed out before you leave. Being prepared has helped me expand quicker then my competitors and I plan to keep it that way.”


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